Sophie Conran Burgon & Ball Gardening Compost Scoop Stainless Steel Wood Handle Gift Box

Sophie Conran



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Product Description

Gloves, tools and accessories for women gardeners, 
designed by Sophie Conran working in partnership with 
Burgon & Ball, the UK’s longest standing garden tool manufacturer

This beautifully designed compost scoop with a waxed beech handle, stainless steel head and brass ferrule looks almost too elegant to come in contact with dirt. 
Pop on a bow and it makes the perfect present 
for an ardent gardener.
“I do my potting up on a table in the garden and usually end up with compost everywhere, my hands are too small and my trowel just won’t hold the soil. 
My new compost scoop enables me to shovel just the right amount of compost into my pots without the ensuing mess.” 

Waxed FSC Beechwood handle, brass ferrule and stainless steel head. 
28cm long x 7cm wide


  • Weight: 2 kg

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