Rennie Mackintosh Rose Boudoir Ceramic Art Vase 26cm Height Dartington John Beswick Gift Boxed Parastone

John Beswick



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Product Description

Dartington, owners of John Beswick, a long established 
British Ceramic company, has collaborated with Parastone,
a similarly long established Dutch art company, to 
produce this range of quality giftware.
The vases give these famous artworks a unique canvas using both shape and sculptural form to transform the original two dimensional artworks into functional and decorative pieces.
Hand finished ceramic vase based on a glass panel designed for the Rose Boudoir. 
In 1902, Charles Rennie and his wife Margaret were awarded the honour of designing the Scottish entry for the international modern decorative arts exhibition in Turin. 
They subdivided the space provided into three rooms. 
In the first they exhibited their Rose Boudoir, a serene, white space with pink and silver accents. 
Height 26 cm
Width 8 cm


  • Weight: 4 kg

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