National Trust Burgon & Ball Carbon Steel Bronze Round Tine Hand Fork Hard Wood Handle

Burgon & Ball



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Product Description

National Trust Burgon & Ball High Carbon Steel Bronze Round Tine Gardening Hand Fork With Brass & Dark Wood Handle

This hand fork is ideal for working in heavy or clay soils.

The pointed tines (prongs) are specially hardened & tempered to withstand tough cultivating, while their round shape offers less resistance to the soil than flat tines, allowing them to slide more easily through challenging soils.

The tang (or neck) is precision forged to the perfect angle for ergonomic working, and uses a different composition of steel for optimal strength in this important area of the tool.

The steel of the fork is highly resistant to rust and will stay looking good for years to come, while a strong leather cord allows the fork to be hung up tidily when not in use.

Overall length 30cm, width 7.5cm.

Handle: 100% FSC certified hardwood

Head: Steel

Hanging cord: leather

Weight: 256g

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  • Weight: 1 kg

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