Monet Woman With Parasol Ceramic Art Vase Dartington Beswick Gift Boxed

John Beswick



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Product Description

Dartington, owners of John Beswick, a long established 
British Ceramic company, has collaborated with Parastone,
a similarly long established Dutch art company, to 
produce this range of quality giftware.

These vases give these famous artworks a unique canvas using both shape and sculptural form to transform the original two dimensional artworks into functional and decorative pieces.

Woman with a Parasol was painted outdoors, probably in a single session of several hours in duration. 
The artist intended the work to convey the feeling of a casual family outing rather than a formal portrait, and used pose and placement to suggest that his wife and son interrupted their stroll while he captured their likenesses. 
The brevity of the moment portrayed here is conveyed by a repertory of animated brushstrokes of vibrant colour, hallmarks of the style Monet was instrumental in forming. 
Bright sunlight shines from behind Camille to whiten the top of her parasol and the flowing cloth at her back, while coloured reflections from the wildflowers below touch her front with yellow

  Height 25cm

Width 11cm.


  • Weight: 4 kg

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