Lulu Guinness Polka Doll Face Superslim Folding White Umbrella With Matching Cover (Out of Stock)

Lulu Guinness



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Product Description

Take shelter from the rain with the latest superslim
Umbrella, complete with flexible frame to withstand the
wind and featuring Lulu’s new Polka Doll Face print

Delightfully unexpected, beautifully detailed designs guaranteed to turn people’s heads.
Cylindrical compact easy to use case with side fastening
Comes with a unique winking doll face handle
Extremely lightweight and slim aluminium frame construction
Easy to operate
Substantial cover for a compact umbrella
Flexible frame to enhance wind resistance
Umbrella measures 28cm x 5cm when closed
86cm when open
Weight approximately 155g 
Pop in to your handbag and make sure you are 
always wet-weather ready!


  • Weight: 2 kg

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