Joules Regal Pheasant Design Folding Minilite Blue Umbrella Unisex With Matching Case




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Product Description

Joules Regal Pheasant Design Folding Minilite Blue Umbrella And Matching Case

Make rainy days a cause for celebration with Joules latest minilite folding umbrella.
This charming compact umbrella represents the best that both Joules and Fulton have to offer, with Joules trademark sense of style and Fulton’s reliability, this umbrella is sure to help cheer up even the wettest day while helping you keep dry.
Joules Regal Pheasant Minilite folding blue umbrella is cylindrical in shape, compact easy to use and comes in a design matching case with side fastening & displays the Joules logo.
Strong but lightweight with an aluminium & fibreglass rust-proof frame.
Very easy to operate and once opened provides a substantial cover for a compact umbrella.
Flexible frame for greater wind resistance
Weight 296g (approx.)
Umbrella measures 25cm x 5cm when closed and 96cm when open


  • Weight: 2 kg

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