Joseph Joseph Y Rack Compact 2 Tier Self Draining Dishrack Green & White (Out of Stock)

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Product Description

With draining space at a premium in most kitchens, this 2 tier dish drainer is designed to make the most of the sink area space you do have.
Y-Rack combines a sturdy base for draining pots and pans or cups and bowls, with a traditional-style rack above for draining up to 15 plates.
Y-Rack also features a large self-draining utensil pot that clips onto the side, letting you dry everything for four place settings in a very small space. 
The base features sloping ribs to allow water to drain freely, a draining spout for emptying directly into the sink and non-slip feet.

The whole unit dismantles for easy cleaning. 

Height:   28.2 cm, Depth: 30.4 cm, Length: 36.5 cm 

We also sell the grey version of this dishrack on another listing


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