Joseph Joseph Surface Range Stainless Steel & Grey Sink Tidy Small Easy Clean

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Product Description

A clever accessory for storing your sponges, washing brushes, dishcloths and washing up bottles neatly beside your sink with separate compartments for each. 

Surface Range Sink Tidy is perfect for organising your washing up essentials.

The main compartment is divided into two and has plenty of space for your washing up liquid and a dish brush.

At the front of the unit there’s room to store a variety of wet sponges or scourers, which are held in place by a handy integrated rail.

This stylish fingerprint-proof stainless sink tidy features a sloping base which allows any excess water to collect inside for easy draining later. 
For compact kitchens, Surface Sink Tidy is a perfect smaller size, offering space to store your brushes, sponges and dishcloth. 
It features the same benefits as the larger model in the same sleek finish.

Measurements:- Width 12cm Height 11cm Depth 13cm
It also can be dismantled for quick and easy cleaning.


  • Weight: 2 kg

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