Joseph Joseph Elevate Silicone 5 Piece Kitchen Tool Set With Storage And Flexible Heads (1 in Stock)

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Product Description

The Elevate Silicone 5-piece utensil set is made up of 5 essential kitchen tools and comes with an ultra-compact storage stand.  

The unique design of the stand ensures maximum space saving on your worktop and the tools feature Joseph Joseph’s Elevate technology, which is designed to reduce mess on your surfaces.
Introducing their new Elevate 5-piece kitchen utensil set in silicone, featured in an array of pastel colours.
The set comes with an ultra-compact storage stand for maximum space saving on your worktop. 
Each tool has an innovative lightweight, slimline handle with an integrated tool rest, which ensures that the head is always raised off the work surface when placed down, improving hygiene and reducing mess whilst cooking. 

The utensils feature a high quality, flexible silicone tool head that is heat-resistant up to 270°C/520°F. 
Perfect for high-heat cooking such as frying. 
The range is perfect for everyday cooking and baking.

Set includes the following essential tools:
Elevate Silicone Solid Spoon
Elevate Silicone Slotted Spoon
Elevate Silicone Spatula
Elevate Silicone Paddle
Elevate Silicone Slotted Turner
Dishwasher safe.
Caution: Do not leave utensil in cookware whilst cooking. 
To prevent staining, avoid using with strong colourants such as turmeric.


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