Gripple Garden 2x 10 Pack of Tensioners Easy Way To Trellis & Support Climbers Roses Plants etc. Black




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Product Description

This listing is for 2x 10 Gripple trellis kit nylon wire tensioners, 20 pieces all together, for use with the Gripple trellis wire system and does not include
any vine eyes or nylon cable, we also sell the starter kit and extra cable etc. on our other listings.

The Gripple plant support system can be used on both walls and fences.
Brickwork or rendered walls – drill and plug a hole first, then use vine eyes as anchoring points. 

Wooden fences or posts – screw vine eyes directly into the wood, or simply thread the nylon wire around the post. The Gripple system will support up to 100 kg (220 lbs) of load.

The push-fit mechanism allows for multiple lines to be installed in minutes and tensioned by hand.
The Gripple system is the fastest way to trellis fruit and vines.
You can forget about sagging wires and snapping strings once you have a Gripple System.
Ideal for Clematis and wisteria, for supporting raspberries and runner beans in the vegetable garden, and even for creating a framework for vines.
The Gripple tensioners are fitted with rollers that grip the nylon ‘wire’ in one direction, but instantly lock in the other, so the wire can be easily tensioned, and further tension can always be applied.
The components are made from non-rusting materials so can be used in any situation, and were originally developed for the viticulture industry.


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