Fulton Pineapple Navy Compact Minilite Folding Umbrella Handbag Size

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Product Description

Make rainy days a cause for celebration with Fultons of London
latest minilite umbrella. 
Look for the classic pattern of the latest Pineapple Navy print all over the canopy, and love the small foldaway proportions that are designed to fit into most handbags, so you never need be caught in a downpour again.

The classic, traditional English style that has made Fultons designs a worldwide success

Cylindrical compact easy to use case with side fastening

Strong lightweight aluminium/fibreglass rust-proof frame

Flexible frame for greater wind resistance

Weight 192g (approx.)

Umbrella measures 25cm x 5cm when closed 
and 96cm when open
Large Canopy


  • Weight: 2 kg

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