Dartington Just The One Prosecco Tall 28cm Tulip Shaped Glass In A Gift Tube

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Product Description

Designed for prosecco and sparkling wine, this elegant glass from Dartington Crystal’s Just The One range is ideal for enjoying specific qualities of effervescent drinks. 

Its tulip-like shape is perfect for swirling liquid and enjoying aromatic notes. 
This glass suits frothy Italian Asti, zesty varieties of sparkling Sekt wines from Germany and Austria, and is typically favourited by Italian prosecco drinkers.
For those many fans of Prosecco this is the “must have” prosecco glass. 
Based on the authentic shape used in Italy. 
Supplied in an eye-catching gift tube.

Dimensions : 28cm Height
Capacity : 28cl


  • Weight: 2 kg

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