Caithness Scotland Whisky Experience Handmade Single Glass in A Gift Tin Tube (Out of Stock)

Dartington Crystal



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Product Description

With over 50 years of experience in creating crystal glasses that enhance the pleasure of drinking, Caithness Glass have worked with world-leading experts to create the Whisky Experience glass. 

While pleasing to the eye its shape has been truly crafted to enhance the tasting experience. 

The wide bowl allows for a generous amount of swirling and a proper appreciation of the whisky’s colour and appearance. 
The flat based bowl encourages the spirit to ‘open up’ and release the more volatile aromatics. 
Its tall body and slightly tapered rim focuses the aromas and delivers the liquid in a narrow stream, mid-palate. 
A short solid foot makes it easy to hold and handle 

Colour: Clear
Unit: Single
Dimentions: 108mm
Capacity: 26cl


  • Weight: 2 kg

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