Coral 100% Lambswool Blanket




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Product Description

Bronte’s latest & oh so lovely lambswool Parquet blanket in Coral Red, is made by one of the most famous brands in the UK. 

Woven at Bronte’s mill in Guiseley, West Yorkshire, this throw is beautifully soft, versatile and resilient. 
Made using merino lambswool, this small scale parquet patterned blanket in soft coral red carries the Woolmark, the world’s best known textile brand, guaranteeing an assurance of quality to the highest standard.

Drape the throw over the back of a sofa, ready to snuggle under for an afternoon nap, place over your usual bed linen for that 
extra bit of warmth or keep in the car to wrap round you when 
a summer evening becomes a little too chilly for comfort!

Ideal as a furniture throw for any chair, sofa or bed.
Approx Size 140 x 180cm including fringe.
Weight approx 700 grams.
Material: 100% Pure new lambswool
Designed and manufactured in the UK


  • Weight: 2 kg

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